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Atlas Insurance E-Cycle & Recycle Event: October 27th, 2023

By September 29, 2023Events

Our Client in the Community,

Atlas is hosting an E-Cycling and Shred event on October 27th to help keep our community clean. Old electronics and technology can end up being dumped illegally or in the trash. Old documents can fall into the wrong hands which could lead to identity theft. This event will allow community members to dispose of unwanted items in a safe way that is easier for you and the environment.

These types of recycling events help with reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Not only does this recycling reduce air pollution, but it also helps to prevent toxic chemicals from entering the soil and helps prevent poisonous gases and dust. Lastly, when we recycle our electronic items, it makes new items more affordable as some of the parts in these older items can be reused many times.

We will also be accepting any old documents that include personal information that you no longer wish to hold on to. Getting rid of these documents helps with preventing identity theft and fraud. Shredding these documents helps to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands of people who may use the information to their advantage.

We will be accepting all paper documents and all electronics other than tube TV and Monitors.

Click Here For The Event Details

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